Rexx Life Raj - Father Figure 3: Somewhere Out There [Album]

  • 2019-11-08
  • Music

In the past month, multi-talented northern California artist Rexx Life Raj has been busy promoting his Father Figure 3: Somewhere Out There project, serving up singles with Kehlani and Russ to support the album’s arrival. Now, as promised, the West Coast singer-songwriter arrives with his third Father Figure installment.

Comprised of 15 new tracks, Rexx Life Raj’s Father Figure 3: Somewhere Out There LP contains collaborations with KehlaniKenny BeatsJay PrinceBas and Russ. Raj’s latest release serves as the sequel to the previous entry in the Father Figure series, Father Figure 2: Flourish; that project came out almost two years ago exactly, and also featured a collaboration with G-Eazy.