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Playa Rae



The Bay Area has long been recognized for breeding visionaries and entrepreneurs who create trends and projects that see the rest of the world trying to duplicate. Whether they are the dot com/computer geniuses of Silicon Valley or the independent musicians who literally created the trend of labels creating their own success the Bay Area breeds true go-getters. The South Bay Area’s own Playa Rae is no exception to this and with his visionary ideas crossed with a true hustlers mentality of getting it done by any means necessary he is truly establishing himself in the ranks of Bay Area legends.

Born and raised in San Jose, CA Playa Rae spent his early years singing songs that he would hear on the radio and while at the time he didn't realize it he was perfecting his voice for his future career. As Rae grew older he found himself entering the studio for the first time as he reconnected with old friends when he lost his best friend who was an aspiring Rap Artist. Upon the loss of his friend Rae entered the booth for the first time as a singer, but quickly found that he also had a talent for rapping and with the encouragement of his engineer became a true double threat as a singer/rapper.

As more then just a musical artist Rae set out to take the music industry over with a slew of releases starting with his classic “Hustlin City 2 City Vol. 1” in 2001 and continuing with him releasing a project almost every year since then. These projects have included such notable group projects as the Koch released “GameBreakerz” which saw Rae teaming up with Latin Legends Gemini and Fade Dogg as well as his classic group series with fellow Bay Area artist Trey C. Besides his own CD’s, Playa Rae has had a executive hand in creating and releasing a number of other fellow Bay Area artist’s projects as well as organizing a number of tours in which he both performed on as well as gave other indie artists a chance to showcase their talents at. As Playa Rae continued to build upon his musical brand he noticed a real lack of resources for up and coming independent artists and like a true businessman created a resource to fill this gap. This resource is the now the very popular 408inc.com which offers artists a number of services such as; CD duplication, web and graphic design services, online distribution and more services designed around assisting artists in their careers.

With a career under his belt of more then a decade as a professional in the extremely competitive independent entertainment business, Playa Rae shows no sign of slowing down and has every intention of continuing to build upon his brands. “I have tours lined up, new projects ready for release and new techniques to build upon my current brands. I’m taking what I have learned from my peers as well as from other business people outside of my industry and combining all of that knowledge to solidify my brands as the premiere in independent Hip Hop.” –Playa Rae